From time to time, St. Tabitha's Auxiliary (STA) does work for for the benefit of others, to provide needed goods, or to raise funds for a cause. STA is not an official charitable organization, but hopes to be some day. Depending on the task and the support provided, some funds are available to cover materials; time and equipment are donated by private participants in the work at hand.

Current Project:

Raising Funds for Humanitarian Support of Ukraine

How can I help?

  • Donate directly to IOCC
  • Purchase Ukraine Flag Heart apparel and home goods at Redbubble - 100% of my profit on this design goes to IOCC
  • Purchase finished fabric items at St. Tabitha's Workshop - 100% of profit goes to IOCC
  • Purchase fabric at Spoonflower or through St. Tabitha's Workshop (100% of profit goes to IOCC)
  • Host your own fundraiser using the fabrics or finished goods above for your humanitarian charity of choice!